Salty Pear Enamel Mugs

SALTY PEAR - MUG - 80 mm - teal - dieline.jpg
SALTY PEAR - MUG - 80 mm - teal - dieline.jpg

Salty Pear Enamel Mugs


These luscious enamel mugs are ideal for coffee with friends, cold drinks by the BBQ or outdoor pursuits. The Double dipped enamel layer is on both rim and handle to ensure its strength and durability. The Salty Pear logo is carefully applied by hand, baked and melted into the enamel layer under high temperatures in order to preserve these mugs for ages.

● Resistant to rust and rubbing out

● Non-toxic

● Easy to clean

● Resistant to the acids from food and drink

● Resistant to UV rays, keeps its colour for years

● Functional, it can be used to make dishes, eat them or to reheat

● Stylish & modern

● Great for camping, mountain trips, fishing with friends, at home, in the office, for coffee, hot chocolate… ready for everywhere and anything !  

D: 8 cm / 3,1 in

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